March 16 2004

[b]Oacoma meth lab busted[/b]

Posted by Kim
Local law enforcement officers searched a residence in Oacoma Friday, March 12th, and discovered a methamphetamine manufacturing lab.
The two adults in the house were arrested and charged with 6 counts each.
Donna Kathleen Rush, 30, and Mark Thomas Thompson, age 41, were charged with the following counts;
*Unauthorized manufacture of a controlled substance, methamphetamine.
Possession of a control substance, methamphetamine.
Child endangerment of 18 month old male child
Keeping a place for the use of a controlled substance, methamphetamine.
Possession of drug phariphnaila
Inhabitation of a room where controlled substance is stored or used.

Search warrants were issued and served on the occupants of the house following a 3 month investigation by the Lyman County Sheriffs office. Sheriff Don Manger and deputies Steve Manger and Justin Keckler along with South Dakota Highway Patrol officers, GF&Ps officer Bob Karlen, and the DCI Clandestine meth lab response team carried out the raid and made the arrests around 4 pm.
Another house in Oacoma was also searched but officers didnt discover any controlled substances and no other arrests were made.

Rush and Thompson are taken to the Brule Co. jail. Monday morning both individuals made an appearance before the Lyman County Magistrate. Bond was set at $15,000 a piece. Subjects were transported back to the Brule Co. jail where they await their first court appearance.

According to Sheriff Don Manger samples and the ingredients used to make meth were taken into custody and sent to the state lab for further testing. Other materials were moved to a secure location while awaiting transport by a hazardous waste team from Nebraska that picked it up for disposal. The items used in a meth lab are highly dangerous, flammable and explosive.

Manger stated that the raid was well organized and carried out without incident. The DCI meth lab team, which travels around the state, is equipped to handle the dismantling of meth labs.

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