February 17 2004

[b]County incumbents seek re-election in 2004 [/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson

Three seats on the Lyman County Commission are up for election in 2004. In addition the County Treasurer and States Attorney positions are also up.
The three current commissioners have all taken out petitions for re-election. At this date no petitions have been returned to the Auditor's office.

Rich Mertens, a Democrat from Kennebec, the current chairmen of the county commission, has indicated that he will seek re-election to the Lyman Co. commission. Mertens is completing his fifth 4-year term.

LeRoy Choal, a Republican from Reliance, was appointed to fill a vacancy on the commission in 2001. He is circulating a petition to run for his first full 4-year term. As an appointed commissioner Choal was required to run in 2002 for a 2-year term.

Ryan Huffman, a Republican from Vivian, was appointed to the commission in 2003 to fill the seat held by his father, the late Arlo Huffman. Commissioner Huffman has taken out a petition for the 2-year term.

Carol Sundall, a Republican from Kennebec, the current treasurer will be seeking her first 4-year term. Sundall served as deputy treasurer for nearly 27 years and was appointed to the position of treasurer in 2002 when Adelia Olsen retired.

Paul Jensen, an attorney at law from Winner, SD was appointed by the Lyman County Commission to the position of Lyman Co. States Attorney in June of 1999 when Dallas Brost, Presho, retired. Because Jensen is not a resident of Lyman Co., he cannot run for the position of States Attorney. Jensen indicated that he would happy to continue serving the people of Lyman Co. if no one runs for the position.

According to Lyman County Auditor Pam Michalek the last day to file petitions for the primary election is April 6. The primary election will be June 1.

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