January 06 2004

[b]Vivian News[/b] by Lillian Severyn

Posted by Kim
Dianne and Larry Booth entertained relatives over the Christmas and New Year Holidays. They were Scott and Lana Leuning, Anchorage, AK; Patty and Bill Elrod and family, Pierre; Katrina Manley, Sioux Falls; Dennis and Teresa Brandenburger and son, Pierre; and Kevin Booth and family, Vivian.
On Saturday the late Clarence and Laverne Oller family had a get together at the hall. Attending were most of the above plus Dave and Anita Schnabel and daughter Stacey and Eric , Sioux Falls; Gwen Schnabel, Anchorage, AK; Orv and Carol Burma, Mound City, MN; Fred and Lori Reuman, Eden Prairie, MN; Don and Linda Larson, Martin, D; Tracy and Cam Strand, Sioux Falls; Scott and Carrie Larson, Martin, SD and Terry and Heather Coon, Brookings.

Virgil Hansler is a patient at St. Mary's Hospital at this writing.

On Christmas Eve Donna Erikson hosted super with the following present: Karsten, Clint, Chris, Beth, Grace, and Courtney Erikson; Dave and Janice Moore; Larry and Lezlie Moore and boys; Les and Shelli Moore, Huron, and Harold Weller.

On Christmas Day Dave and Janice Moore hosted the above group with the exception of Harry Weller, who was invited to the Widvey home in Pierre.

Gene Kniffen, Phillip stopped at the Dave Moore home on his was from his daughter's home in Sioux Falls.

Guests at the Booth Lodge for Christmas were Charles Foreth, Tacoma, WA; Jeff and Kelli and Michael, Dallas Texas; Dave and Kim Jensen, Greg, Jacob, and Amelia, Viborg, SD; Bob and Mary Hutchinson, Jeff and Connie Hutchinson, Jesse and Cody; Colleen Booth; Florence Barker; Gail Booth; Kenny and Stacey Booth, Lexie and Halley; and Evelyn Knutson.

Pvt. Ashley Severyn returned to training at Ft. Eustus, VA on New Years. He, his parents Dan and Terry Severyn and Britta met their friends Walt and Linda Kutz from Perryville, MO who are spending several days with the Severyns.

On Saturday Dan and Terry and Walt and Linda spent the day in the Black Hills.

Donita Peters, Courtney and Colette were accompanied by her sister Cornell and Sheldon Struble to Sioux Falls. They took Donita's nephew Kyle Kester of Rapid City, who has finished basic training, to the plane to fly back to Ft. Benning, GA.

New Years Day guests of Wanda and Roger Larson, Murdo were Julie and Olaf Larson, and Travis and Jennifer Larson of Colorado Springs, CO.

Funeral services for Capt. Chris Soelzer, Piedmont were held lat week at Sturgis with burial in the Black Hills national Cemetery. Larry and Lezlie Moore, friends of the Soelzers were among the 500 who attended the service.

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